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Things to Keep in Mind for Your Kitchen Design

From small decisions like the cabinetry hardware to bigger choices such as the appliances, the kitchen designing process spans from practical to non-major choices. To design the kitchen of your dreams, keep reading this blog on some tips to keep in mind.

Modern, stylish kitchen.
Modern, stylish kitchen.

Dishwasher Location

If you’re looking to get your ideal kitchen up and running, take into account the placement of your dishwasher in the flow of the kitchen. Many people will strive to place their dishwasher next to the sink for easy loading and unloading. That being said, remember to keep your dishwasher away from the wall to maintain multiple points of access.

Trash Bin Location

Practical placement of the trash bin for your home is important. While still needing to be within easy reach of the rest of your kitchen, place it in an easily accessible area for the rest of your home such as the end of the island.


With the kitchen being the central hub of the home, you always want to make sure that it has adequate lighting for every occasion. Use a mixture of natural lighting and non-natural lighting to have different options for the heart of your home throughout the day. Make sure to use everything from ceiling lights to under-cabinet lights to brighten up your kitchen.

Sockets in Your Cupboards

When designing of your dream kitchen, take into account the recent trend of storing smaller appliances inside the cupboards. By planning for electrical sockets and proper wiring in the cupboards, you’ll be able to enjoy clean countertops and a functional kitchen design straight from a Better Homes and Garden magazine.

Distance Between the Counters

Often times, when you’re in the kitchen with more than one person, space can seem tight and you always feel like you’re bumping into each other or the cupboards. When you’re remodeling or building a perfect kitchen, allow yourself to account for roughly 1000-1200mm of floor space between the benchtops.

Beautifully updated kitchen.
Beautifully updated kitchen.

Thoughts Whether it’s through providing adequate lighting or picking the best spot for your dishwasher, these practical decisions can make all the difference in the flow and feel of your kitchen. When you’re ready to start designing and crafting these practical tips into your perfect kitchen, call on the team at Chesapeake Kitchen Design to make it finally happen.

Maximize Your Kitchen Space

The kitchen is one of the most central parts of any home. Between daily meals and family get-togethers, time is never wasted when spent in the kitchen. Despite the love and appeal of large, spacious kitchens, not everyone has that luxury. So if you’re stuck in a small kitchen, follow along with this blog to read about all the different ways to maximize the space you have.

Cabinet Hacks

Cabinet space shouldn’t be overlooked. With easy-to-install features, you’ll have more space than you could ever imagine. One of the easiest things you can do in order to maximize your space is to add shelves on rollers; this allows you to pull the shelves out, more effectively using the entire space without creating a mess or hazard from reaching over other items. Another way you can use the space is by adding hooks to the doors to hang smaller kitchen items like oven mitts or measuring cups. The hooks create a way for you to use space that was once seen as unusable.

No-Waste Containers

The idea of zero waste has never seemed more enticing! If you’re low on space and have to organize strategically, glass or metal containers will be your new best friend. Instead of stacking and maneuvering boxes and bags, you can simply purchase a set of containers that allow you to reuse and organize neatly. They add an aesthetic appeal, motivate you to shop more consciously and organically, you’re maximizing your space, and saving the earth! A small investment in reusable containers will save you in the long run.

Hanging Installations

Much like we discussed in the cabinet paragraph, hooks are amazing; they allow for you to create usable space that might not otherwise be there. Aside from cabinet doors, there are plenty of other places for hooks to be installed and a variety of different kitchen items that can be hung. A common hanging item is a pot or pan. Installing a hanging rack for your pots and pans allows you to utilize otherwise unusable space for the bigger and bulkier items. Another thing you can hang is your paper towel rack or hand towel rack. These can be hung on the sides or tops of appliances and cabinets.


One of the most important things to think about when attempting to maximize your kitchen space is: where can you create usable space where there is otherwise no use for it? Hooks and alternative food storing containers can make all the difference. If these simple hacks aren’t enough for you, visit us at Chesapeake Kitchen Design to get started on the kitchen renovation of your dreams!