When was the last time that your kitchen was remodeled? It has probably been a while. If you are looking for a completely revamped look in your kitchen, an important thing to consider is the color scheme that you will add. Whether you want something bright and bold or simply want to add a splash of color, there are a variety of colors and styles to choose from when designing your kitchen. Here are a few beautiful color combinations that you might not have put together on your own!

Green & Off-white

The first combination of colors on our list is green and off-white! This vibrant kitchen gives the room a large and open appearance that is very inviting. This will be a great kitchen to include plenty of sunlight! Enjoy a fresh and rejuvenated kitchen when you combine these two lovely colors.

Orange & Gray

Although this may be an unexpected combination, it is nevertheless a work of art! The bright tones in the orange stunningly complement the matted and deep tones that you will get from the gray, creating a sophisticated and upscale kitchen appearance. This is the perfect design and color scheme for an individual who hosts professional meetings in their home or someone who simply appreciates a room that is easy on the eyes and colorful at the same time.

Multi-tone Blues

Blue is an extremely diverse color that has the ability to set a variety of moods with its tones. When you design a kitchen with a variety of soft and matted blues, you are creating an inviting and relaxing setting that will be perfect for enjoying a calmly paced morning. Have a delicious cup of coffee and imagine that you are floating away in these stunning colored cabinets. Every accent adds a new dimension to the room with a new shade of blue.


When you think of redesigning your kitchen or making a change to your cabinetry, keep these bold combinations in mind! And for the best-customized kitchen designs in the business, call on the experts at Chesapeake Kitchen Design. Do any of these stunning color schemes catch your eye? Let us know in the comments!