Just a tad dramatic, you might say. But it’s true!

It’s the Little Things

Well, let us consider what a kitchen is: It’s not just any room. It’s where people feast as well as argue; it’s where tax forms are filled and spilled on. If the kitchen island were to be too wide, grabbing a paper towel for a spill wouldn’t be easy. And if it were too narrow, it would be hard to avoid the halitosis from the person sitting across from you.

These are just the fringes of a hundred things that occur in kitchens every day. Everyone with a culinary space, whether they are the glitterati or the local brigade, must bustle around sinks and cabinets while prepping their sustenance. And in the process, the architecture of these complex networks influences them in tacit ways.

Kitchens: For more than munching and slurping.

A Glorious Garden

Royal great halls may have had minstrels playing in ornate galleries, but talking about the ‘architecture’ or the ‘network’ inside a contemporary kitchen may sound a bit strange to the modern ear. After all, isn’t it simply just some corner of a home that smells nice?

On the contrary, if a kitchen island is an island, that makes that other counter another island also; and the floor an ocean! Why, the refrigerator then becomes a high mountain, and the stovetop a field of volcanoes!

Yes, designing a kitchen is a lot like designing an ecosystem. To honor its function, the kitchen designer must set good boundaries for the elements: The glaciers (fridge); the electromagnetic waves (microwave oven); the air (vents and windows). And to honor the form, the designer must pick the décor and colors that are appropriate.

An ecosystem.

Reshaping a cramped kitchen into an airy one can uplift its user. Perfecting the proportions delights the eyes of everyone who visits (and often inspires them to explore every nook and cranny). A good kitchen design can incorporate Caribbean-themed tiles and classic faucets where they belong; retro-styled walls and diner-like carpentry can find ways to shine.

Jostling in the Jungle

But the kitchen with poor design is often a jungle rather than a garden. The problems may vary: from poor aeration to lack of sufficient legroom and clashing colors. For every meal at the dinner table, the user needs to battle them like Tarzan does against the leopard.

Suffering from poor design can take the form of constantly bumping into the edge of the counter, pinching one’s nose whenever passing by the sink, and frowning at the lackluster colors on the ceiling. But kitchen design doesn’t have to get in the way of smelling a good cup of coffee in the morning. That dripping faucet can quiet while you get immersed in that blockbuster on Netflix!


Tetris skills do come in handy.

User-Friendly Shapes

Yes, repairing those kitchen cabinet doors and removing that damaged flooring may take some time. But the result is a cleaner, less cluttered, and more welcoming look. A plethora of these little enhancements can take the dingiest kitchen to brand new heights! Chesapeake Kitchen Design makes available various remodeling and installation services to help! A good fixer upper knows how to reshape a kitchenscape as to enrich the conversations and cooking sessions that happen there.

A good kitchenscape can help us accomplish very important things.