While a dining room is a great option for people to sit and eat at for a special occasion, the majority of people tend to eat in the kitchen, right where all the action goes on and the food is made. Whatever kitchen layout your home has, it is important to find great pieces of furniture that not only fit the room, but are also comfortable for diners. To determine what type of chairs would look best in your kitchen, make sure to read this blog post.

Back to Basics

Those who have a traditional table in their kitchen would do best purchasing a set of durable armless wooden chairs that look good with any kitchen layout or design. The sleek, simple silhouette of one of these classic seats is sure to please the most trained design eye. Selecting a wood material will also make cleanup significantly easier, considering how stains and spills simply slick off of the surface. Chairs that feature upholstery are not only less durable, but are also much more challenging to clean. For someone on the search for a tried and true classic that everyone will be happy to recline in, make sure you pick the classic wooden armless seat.

Cushioned, Armed Comfort

People who enjoy reclining and relaxing after their meals should consider purchasing a soft and cozy kitchen chair where people will want to curl up and sit for hours during and after their meal. A finely upholstered chair will provide the perfect amount of cushioning to diners so that they can eat in complete comfort. Upholstered and cushioned chairs tend to take up a bit more room than a wooden chair, so make sure you have enough space available before you buy them. The arms are the perfect place for you to rest as you dine. With cozy chairs like these, no one will ever want to leave your kitchen!

The Casual Barstool

For kitchens that have a spacious island, you should optimize this area and make it your new dining space. After all, your gorgeous countertops deserve some special attention. For a causal and enjoyable meal that everyone will want to sit for, you should purchase several barstools that gather around your island space. Food will conveniently go from the stovetop to the island, where you can sit in comfort to eat.


When you are decorating and remodeling your kitchen space, it can be hard to decide the type of seating you want present. For those searching for an expert in kitchen remodels and design, you can count on us at Chesapeake Kitchen Design. We are prepared to help turn your kitchen into a gorgeous and inviting space for your entire family.