Time and time again we’ve highlighted the importance of cabinets and their impact over your kitchen’s practicality and your home’s property value. Of course, simply picking out the most expensive set of cabinets isn’t enough to bring in that hike to your home’s appeal. It takes careful consideration to find cabinets, drawers, and appliances that serve their function and also improve your home’s appearance.

So, with all that said, where do you begin your cabinet purchasing journey? It can’t hurt to start by weighing these options first!

Handle Styles

Most of us tend to take our handles for granted until we’re forced to use cabinets that ask us to contort our hands into an inhuman form to use. This is where a little foresight can go a long way. You’ll have your pick of either knob or pull handles and it’ll be up to you to pick which is more aligned with your style.

Pulls will be easier to use and give you more space for your hand, but knobs can really infuse that kitchen with a refined look and elegance. Careful not to overindulge in knob style handles as this will quickly result in the opposite effect and make your home appear dated.


As if picking from the myriad of different cabinet styles wasn’t difficult enough, there’s also the discussion of finishes to be had. From chrome and nickel to brass, copper, and more, there’s no shortage of customization to be had when it comes to this integral facet of your home’s design.

At this stage, it’s important to pick the same finish as other hardware in your kitchen. Naturally, the finish is also going to be contingent on what kind of drawers you end up installing as well. White cabinets, for example, will need a more bold and apparent finish to really make them pop.


At the end of it all, what matters most is your comfort in the kitchen. Unless you plan on selling your home soon, you’re going to be using that cooking space for quite some time. Make sure those years are memorable for the right reason by picking out cabinets and handles that fit your hands and are conducive to the work environment you set up in the kitchen.


The right kitchen remodeling can go a long way towards revamping your home’s entire aesthetic and design! Make sure you kick it off right by picking out modern, appealing, and practical cabinets!