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Beautiful Kitchen Color Combinations

When was the last time that your kitchen was remodeled? It has probably been a while. If you are looking for a completely revamped look in your kitchen, an important thing to consider is the color scheme that you will add. Whether you want something bright and bold or simply want to add a splash of color, there are a variety of colors and styles to choose from when designing your kitchen. Here are a few beautiful color combinations that you might not have put together on your own!

Green & Off-white

The first combination of colors on our list is green and off-white! This vibrant kitchen gives the room a large and open appearance that is very inviting. This will be a great kitchen to include plenty of sunlight! Enjoy a fresh and rejuvenated kitchen when you combine these two lovely colors.

Orange & Gray

Although this may be an unexpected combination, it is nevertheless a work of art! The bright tones in the orange stunningly complement the matted and deep tones that you will get from the gray, creating a sophisticated and upscale kitchen appearance. This is the perfect design and color scheme for an individual who hosts professional meetings in their home or someone who simply appreciates a room that is easy on the eyes and colorful at the same time.

Multi-tone Blues

Blue is an extremely diverse color that has the ability to set a variety of moods with its tones. When you design a kitchen with a variety of soft and matted blues, you are creating an inviting and relaxing setting that will be perfect for enjoying a calmly paced morning. Have a delicious cup of coffee and imagine that you are floating away in these stunning colored cabinets. Every accent adds a new dimension to the room with a new shade of blue.


When you think of redesigning your kitchen or making a change to your cabinetry, keep these bold combinations in mind! And for the best-customized kitchen designs in the business, call on the experts at Chesapeake Kitchen Design. Do any of these stunning color schemes catch your eye? Let us know in the comments!


The Top Kitchen Layouts for your Remodel

Are you looking to shake things up in your kitchen? Are you tired of the same old layout? Well, we understand. For that reason, our team has provided a list of the top kitchen designs that we know you’ll love. So don’t continue to wine and dine in an old-fashioned kitchen. Allow us to help you bring it into this century!


A U shaped kitchen provides tons of space. For the home cook in need of lots of space, the U- shaped kitchen comes through in a clutch. With counter space available on 3 walls, this allows for plenty of storage and lots of room for meal prep. Entertaining is also a breeze with ample counter space for guests to come and cop a squat on a bar stool. Yes, this option is a crowd pleaser for those that are all about an open concept with cabinet and drawer space.


An island can do wonders for any kitchen space. In addition to adding an extra cooking surface, it also serves as a focal point and a resting place for friendsAn island adds additional space and a place to gather. and family to gather together. If you’ve got a U-shaped kitchen or another type of layout, an island would be a welcomed addition. However, it is important to ensure that your kitchen has enough space to accommodate them.

Double Island

two islands will add even more functionality for those with lots of space. For those planning a huge kitchen remodel, two islands will offer you an additional work surface or another place for your loved ones to gather. This is also easier on the eye than one large island in the middle of the room. The addition of two islands can offer endless possibilities to those open to exploring them.


There you have it! If you’re looking to breathe new life into your kitchen, you can’t go wrong with any of these ideas. They are both appealing and practical. Not only will you feel as though you’ve stepped into a chef’s dream, you’ll have tons more fun as well. So, when it’s time to decide which kitchen layout is the right choice for you, consider your kitchen’s purpose. Will you be spending hours preparing hot meals? Is your family constantly on the go? Perhaps, you host major events? All of these will come into play when making the right choice. We hope these options will help make your solution clear!

Settling on the Design of Your Cabinets

Time and time again we’ve highlighted the importance of cabinets and their impact over your kitchen’s practicality and your home’s property value. Of course, simply picking out the most expensive set of cabinets isn’t enough to bring in that hike to your home’s appeal. It takes careful consideration to find cabinets, drawers, and appliances that serve their function and also improve your home’s appearance.

So, with all that said, where do you begin your cabinet purchasing journey? It can’t hurt to start by weighing these options first!

Handle Styles

Most of us tend to take our handles for granted until we’re forced to use cabinets that ask us to contort our hands into an inhuman form to use. This is where a little foresight can go a long way. You’ll have your pick of either knob or pull handles and it’ll be up to you to pick which is more aligned with your style.

Pulls will be easier to use and give you more space for your hand, but knobs can really infuse that kitchen with a refined look and elegance. Careful not to overindulge in knob style handles as this will quickly result in the opposite effect and make your home appear dated.


As if picking from the myriad of different cabinet styles wasn’t difficult enough, there’s also the discussion of finishes to be had. From chrome and nickel to brass, copper, and more, there’s no shortage of customization to be had when it comes to this integral facet of your home’s design.

At this stage, it’s important to pick the same finish as other hardware in your kitchen. Naturally, the finish is also going to be contingent on what kind of drawers you end up installing as well. White cabinets, for example, will need a more bold and apparent finish to really make them pop.


At the end of it all, what matters most is your comfort in the kitchen. Unless you plan on selling your home soon, you’re going to be using that cooking space for quite some time. Make sure those years are memorable for the right reason by picking out cabinets and handles that fit your hands and are conducive to the work environment you set up in the kitchen.


The right kitchen remodeling can go a long way towards revamping your home’s entire aesthetic and design! Make sure you kick it off right by picking out modern, appealing, and practical cabinets!

Add These Fabulous Accents to Your New Countertops

The most exciting part about a kitchen renovation is seeing the final picture. The part that comes after unpacking everything and putting it in their corresponding cupboards and stocking up the pantry with goodies. So how does one decorate a newly upgraded kitchen? It does not end at just changing from plastic texture to Carrera marble. Décor is not just for your coffee tables and walls, it also belongs in your new beautiful kitchen countertops. Here is a list of the things that will make your kitchen the heart of the home for belly-warming meals.


Trays do not make the kitchen look busy in a distracting way, they add a sense of hosting a worthy home for your guests. You can add plants, jars, and other items on your trays that we will get to later. Do not underestimate the potential of a tray. A jar filled with pasta could look out of place or overlooked as décor until it is elevated on a platform. Trays also work well for a coffee station. You can display the coffee mugs, spoons, and milk jars on the tray for a ready-to-go energy booster.
The best kind of trays depends on the type of counter that you have. Marble countertops would do best with a wooden tray or cutting board that matches the same color as any other wooden items that you may have around the kitchen. A wooden countertop would look great with marble in a color of your choice. Make sure the color makes a statement and matches the mood that you want to display, like blue for serenity.


Think of plants as a necessity in the home. They provide oxygen for areas that can feel congested, which is perfect for a smaller kitchen. It is also a great resource for self-proclaimed chefs that keep the stove busy with steaming delight!
What kind of plants should you have? Many nurseries and home stores sell already potted succulents that make great accents for décor purposes. They look great on trays, in boxes with rows of mix-matched cacti, and on any corner of your countertop. Growing your own herbs and setting them on your kitchen window-sill is not only adorably crafty but efficient and authentic for calling your recipes 100% yours!


Jars are practical for holding any loose items that look better displayed rather than hidden in a box. You can create homemade candles, stock pasta, store kitchen tools, or plot a plant. As we explained earlier, these are the items that you want to place on your trays. Just like having ready-to-use herbs, having pasta and utensils ready in your jars is also a practical way to utilize décor as an efficient cooking set-up.
What kind of jars should you buy? Should they all match? How many are too many? These are all ultimately up to the size and aesthetic of your kitchen. You can find jars in any home décor store or you can even use empty pasta sauce jars. Mixing-and-matching sizes and colors can give the house personality if you have an all-white kitchen.


Do not forget about the cookbooks! You don’t have to display all the cookbooks on your counters, but if you are a better cook with the help of your favorite chef’s recipes, then why not? You can have seasonal or recent cookbooks on a book holder in the corner of the countertop to inspire every meal with an easy to read angle.
Make sure not to stack more than five books on your counter at a time so as to avoid the bulky library look in the eating area. You can also add any jars in your kitchen as bookends.


Every coffee bar or cocktail bar in a house needs to have appliances on the counter. This may seem outdated because it creates clutter, but home furnishing stores are now selling decorative and functional appliances. For example, a retro mint green waffle maker on the breakfast bar would look great next to your white jar filled with cooking utensils. A stainless steel espresso machine would be the highlight of every morning watching the sky turn blue with the fresh coffee aroma filling up the air.
The style of your appliances is also important to consider when shopping for a toaster or blender. If you do not want to store them away in your cupboards, then the display has to be well thought out.

Interior design isn’t just for bedrooms and living rooms – your kitchen renovation can also benefit from accents and color! Kitchens deserve color and accents! It is important to remember that while every accent choice is up to you, you also need to consider color schemes, practicality, and efficiency when decorating your dream kitchen!

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